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“Nothing is more stressful than being charged with a DUI and not knowing what else is to come or follow. I searched extensively for knowledgeable lawyers and most of them I talked too were only in it for the money and I knew trying to get “personal attention” was going to be tough to find. Luckily for me and through some research, I was able to find Kelly Ann Booth. Kelly Ann was such a savior when it came to my DUI charges that were filed against me. Her staff was always on the ball and kept me informed with times and hearing dates and prepping before hand. I don’t know of many lawyers that are as friendly and warm as she is. She was extremely knowledgeable in all areas and my rights, and knew exactly what to do to protect those for me. In the end it came down to us settling outside of the doors of the court room and just paying a small fine instead of going to trial and facing jail time, large fines, suspensions of license, etc. I know most law firms pawn you off on their “other and newer” lawyers, but Kelly Ann was not that way and I know I will always recommend her to any family and friends that might run into the same problems in the future.”



“I came to the office of Kelly Ann Booth when I found myself in a real bad situation. Family services had removed my children from the home. I retained Ms. Booth and she helped me get my kids back in record time! She also helped me bigtime in my criminal case. I would definitely recommend her!”



“The most passionate attorney that I have ever met! Tenacious as a bulldog if the timing is correct! Fair in negotiations if that’s the best route, but never compromising in her client’s best interest. I simply could not, in good conscience, recommend anyone else!”



“Are your legal matters keeping you down? Call Kelly Ann Booth, she don’t play around. She’ll get right on the case and bring happiness your way!”



“Kelly Ann Booth does not stop fighting for you. She’s the Muhammed Ali of the courtroom! Thank you Kelly Ann.”



“Kelly Ann is awesome. Thanks for all you did!”



“The World’s Best Attorney.”

– C.O.


“Kelly Ann Booth is a highly effective professional. She is perceptive, detail-oriented and focused on results. She can quickly assess issues, identify problems and find solutions. Kelly Ann does everything that is necessary to present a case that is technically precise and logically compelling. She is a pleasure to work with as a professional and as a person….

It is a pleasure to work with Kelly Ann and I recommend her and her firm very highly without reservation…”

– M.J.


“Kelly Ann protected my rights as a civilian. She attacked an injustice with teeth showing. She shows passion for principal, knowledge of the law and seasoned experience”

– T.J.


“The representation I received was from Kelly Ann was definitely the most outstanding I can honestly say that I have had numerous felony charges and settled for public defenders that have not to my feelings did everything possible to fight for my rights. Kelly Ann is the only attorney that has stood behind me while I had retained her on a class A misdemeanor. She also dealt with detectives that had done an illegal raid on my home– after she made a phone call, the police never bothered me again. Kelly Ann not only gave me faith in our rights as Americans, she will fight for you and your freedom. Her counsel is priceless in a judicial system that sees us as guilty until proven innocent. God willing I don’t have to call Kelly Ann again, but her number will always be on my speed dial. If you are facing criminal charges, you need an attorney that will fight for you in a criminal system that isn’t fair– Kelly Ann is the one you should chose. My family  and I could never compensate all that she has done for us. Thank you so much for all you have done Kelly Ann!”