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Kelly Ann 300x300 Criminal Defense Free Appeal GuaranteeFrom major felony to minor ticket, we can beat your charges. Kelly Ann Booth is so confident she’ll beat your charges at trial, or get you the deal you want, that if you’re not satisfied she will appeal your case for free. No other attorney or firm offers this guarantee.

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If you’re still shopping for a criminal defense attorney, below are six qualities you should look for in your criminal defense attorney.


6 Qualities of a Great Criminal Defense Attorney

If we don’t get your case dismissed before trial, we will “take it to the box.” Here are six traits of great trial criminal defense attorneys.

1. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys are passionate.

Most criminal defense attorneys claim they are “aggressive.” But you don’t want an overbearing or mean attorney, that’s a big turn off for a jury; you want a passionate lawyer. I love criminal defense law and I care about my clients. I understand this is a critical moment in their lives and they need someone who will stay up late at nights to protect them. Your lawyer should be that type of person too.

Also, as a woman, I can get away with things men can’t. A man has a hard time asking a woman witness or alleged victim tough questions. A jury sees that as a man beating up on a woman. I, on the other hand, can ask both men and women hard questions on cross examination. I’m passionate about criminal defense

2. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys are prepared.

process sq Criminal Defense Free Appeal GuaranteeAmat Victoria Curam: That’s Latin for “victory loves the careful” or “victory loves preparation.” Some attorneys rely on their charm or likeability to win cases. I rely on preparation. I know my cases inside and out before the opening arguments. If I come across a surprise, it’s because the other side is cheating. And even then, I’m expecting them to pull some sort of stunt. If you want to win, find an attorney who is careful and prepared.

3. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys tell stories.

Your story has to make sense. If you want to see how judges think, watch an episode of Judge Judy. She has a great line, which is, “If it doesn’t make sense that’s because it’s not true!” I’ll tell your story in a simple way that lets people understand why you’re telling the truth.

4. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys see cases through the jury’s eyes.

Sometimes we get so caught up in how we see the world we forget to see events through our audience’s eyes. That’s what a jury is, an audience. And they are trying to understand whom to believe; who should win. I prepare my cases as if I was going to explain it to 8 random people off the street because that’s what will happen. Good attorneys think about the jury and yours should too.

5. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys have their own style and charisma.

Your attorney should feel comfortable in his or her own skin and present with charisma. Remember the famous line “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Johnny Cochran said that about the glove in the OJ Simpson trial. Whether you agree with the verdict or not, Johnny had a charisma and style that led the jury to free OJ. Your attorney should have style and charisma.

6. Great Criminal Defense Attorneys have integrity.

The only way for a jury, and just as important, a judge, to believe your attorney—and you—is for your attorney to have integrity. If the jury or a judge thinks your attorney is lying, they’ll think you’re lying or at least covering something up. That’s a sure way to lose your case. I have a good reputation with judges because of my integrity. Integrity wins.

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Our Fee Appeal Guarantee has a few terms and conditions. Read them here.

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