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Our Process

A wise man once said, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. This is especially true in court, where second place means jail time. Yet in court, as with most things, if you want to succeed you have to create winning plan. At the Law Offices of Kelly Ann Booth we’ll create that plan, leaving nothing to chance. We prepare months before trial with a disciplined process that includes factual investigation, legal research, and pretrial motions.

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Factual Investigation

In their eagerness to “get the bad guys,” police often overlook crucial evidence and ignore proof that shows your innocence. Therefore, a good defense begins by examining the facts. We thoroughly read police reports and other government documents, looking for inconsistencies. We also scrutinize your accusers’ backgrounds and credibility. We build an accurate picture of what the government claims, and more importantly, what it can prove. From there, we apply the facts to the law.

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Legal Research

We start by researching ways to attack the government’s case. An example: In a DUI case, an officer pulls you over because he saw you leave a bar. That’s called profiling; an illegal method of stopping people. We will ask the court to suppress any illegally obtained evidence. Another example: The government wants to call a paramedic who treated an injured person as an expert. Paramedics rarely qualify as expert witnesses. We will ask the court to exclude any “expert” testimony this witness will try and offer.